Frequently Asked Questions

What does The Eternal Educational Gift Donation do?
EEG Donation is a permanent, whole body donation program that helps individuals donate their body to medical studies. We do not perform any medical research, but we recover, process, store and donate specimens to medical universities.
Can I donate body parts, or the full body?
The EEG Donation Program will only accept whole body donations.
Are there age restrictions on whole body donation?
No, the body of any person may be donated with appropriate consent by the donor or donor’s legal representative. The legal age for a person to sign donation papers themselves in the state of Michigan is 18 years old.
Can I pre-register with the EEG Donation Program?
Yes, in fact many donors prefer to do just that, so their loved ones are not put in any position to do it after the donor’s death.
Who benefits from whole body donation?
Whole body donations allow The Eternal Educational Gift Donation Program to contribute to new and modern developments in the study of anatomy and health. We work strictly with accredited medical universities, so you can rest assure that your gift will be properly cared for.
What happens to my remains? Will they go back to my family?
Considering the EEG Donation Program is a permanent, whole body donation program, there will be no remains returned to the donor’s family. If there are any remains, the Eternal Education Gift Donation Program will...(need the rest of thi info...)
Will donating interfere with funeral arrangements?
Whole body donation will prohibit an open casket funeral. However, many families still choose to have a memorial service.

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