Your willed body donation is essential for improving medical education. By donating your generous gift, future generations of doctors and nurses will have the access to teaching aids they will need to be all that they can be in their chosen medical field.

The Eternal Educational Gift Donation is a unique willed body donor program located in the U.S.A. Our program is unique because it has the capabilities to preserve a donor’s whole body, or certain organs, by a process called “polymer preservation.” This process is where the water and lipids are taken out of the body and is replaced with a liquid polymer that is then cured into a solid state, which will preserve the specimen, or in this case body or organ(s), for many years.This process allows a donor’s body donation to become a legacy that will last for many years inside the classroom.

The EEGD is a permanent, whole willed body donation program, so when the donor donates their whole body, it is used indefinitely for the advancement of medical education, teaching aids and defining advanced medical preparation. The EEGD is a gift of teaching aids for future generations of physicians, surgeons nurses and other medical personnel to come. Your gift will help them get the proper education and training needed to become the very best medical professional in their field.

Family and friends of participants of this one-of-a-kind whole willed body program may derive comfort from the knowledge that their loved ones are enabling future generations to benefit from their donation, mainly because everything your doctor knows about your body was learned through the study of body donors! The Eternal Educational Gift Donation program serves as a connection between whole body donors and medical educators who rely on those donors to further their medical students advanced knowledge of medicine and the human body. By providing a vital service and a pathway to greater knowledge and discovery, together we will help save lives, advance medical research and education, and improve the quality of life for our families and the community.

Your legacy will enhance human life through the knowledge of medicine.

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